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  • Inspirit Eyebrow Razor | Shave Essentials

    Inspirit Eyebrow Razor

    The Inspirit Eyebrow Razor is perfect for removing stray hairs and maintaining the shape of your brows.

  • Inspirit Womens Cartridge Razor | Shave Essentials

    Inspirit Women's Cartridge Razor

    Shaving is much less of a chore and more of a pleasant pampering with the Inspirit Women's Cartridge Razor.

  • Inspirit Women's 5-Blade Cartridges - Shave Essentials

    Inspirit Women's 5-Blade Cartridges

    Developed for women, these cartridges are designed to give you that perfectly shaved result we all dream of.

Inspirit Women's Razors by Shave Essentials are perfect for shaving your legs

What about after you shave?

Replenish your skin

Even the best razors will shave off some of the moisture from your skin. Don't forget to replenish it with our All Natural Aloe After Shave Gel. It also will help relieve any shave irritation and its great for sensitive skin.

Inspirit Women's Razor Legs | Shave Essentials

What our customers are saying


"Smooth shave! No razor bumps 💛 Razor handle has a good grip also making it easy to glide on your skin without you feeling like it’s going to tug at your skin."