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Inspirit Eyebrow Razor


Shave Essentials has finally added a razor made especially for women and it's also earth friendly. The handles of our Inspirit eyebrow razors are constructed through a process that uses wheat straw instead of plastic.

The Inspirit Eyebrow Razor is perfect for removing stray hairs and maintaining the shape of your brows. It's also great for removing all the fine hairs from the neck, face, bikini line as well as unwanted hairs elsewhere. The Inspirit Eyebrow Razor has a stainless steel blade with a guard on it for protecting a woman's sensitive skin. It also will prevent cutting too close so it's safe for all levels of shaving experience.

Directions: After removing the safety cap from the Inspirit Eyebrow Razor just glide it softly on your skin where you want to remove any hair. There is no need to press down hard. For more effective use, apply Shave Essentials All Natural Shave Cream before shaving. After use, put the safety cap back on the razor and keep it out of children's reach.

*Box includes 3 razors

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