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Inspirit Eyebrow Razor



Upgrade your shaving routine and join the eco-friendly movement with the Inspirit Eyebrow Razor by Shave Essentials. This innovative razor for women is made with a handle crafted from wheat straw instead of plastic, reducing your carbon footprint with every shave.

The Inspirit Eyebrow Razor is designed to help you shape and maintain perfectly groomed brows. It's also perfect for removing fine hairs on your neck, face, bikini line, and more. The razor features a stainless steel blade with a guard to protect delicate skin, preventing nicks and cuts for a painless experience.

With the Inspirit Eyebrow Razor, you don't need to be a shaving expert to achieve a flawless result. Its easy-to-use design and gentle touch make it suitable for all levels of shaving experience. Make the switch to the eco-friendly and effective Inspirit Eyebrow Razor today!

Directions: After removing the safety cap from the Inspirit Eyebrow Razor just glide it softly on your skin where you want to remove any hair. There is no need to press down hard. For more effective use, apply Shave Essentials All Natural Shave Cream before shaving. After use, put the safety cap back on the razor and keep it out of children's reach.

*Box includes 3 razors

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Irma Pena
Smooth like a baby butt!

This leaves my face smooth with no hair fuzz & my makeup looks even better when I put it on now! I definitely recommend! 🙌

No time for tweezers!

This eyebrow razor is one of the best I've ever purchased. Very Smooth eyebrow shave and super easy to use. This comes in handy when you have no time to pluck your brows. I will definitely be purchasing these from now on. Thank you so much Shave Essentials!