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Shave Essentials now delivers great beard care, natural shower products and even bamboo tooth brushes. We have grown our catalog to ease even more of your needs using the same standard for high quality that we put into our shave system.

Every so often we will highlight different products and give you a 15% discount on them.

What our members think of us

I’ve used this for a few days, and it actually works!!! I left a 5 star review immediately because it came packaged beautifully and was exactly as described online and for me that’s always a 10/10 product. But I’m a chronic heavy sweater and this week I wore the same shirt 3 days in a row because I even thought I sweat some in it, it didn’t stink! Very cool.
Awesome Shave

I bought this for my husband who has thick and course facial hair. He absolutely loves the shave this razor gives him. He highly recommends this product as it delivers exactly as advertised.
Rosa L.
Smooth and silky

I love these razor blades! Leaves my skin smooth and silky! Thank you again!
Danielle L.
Best Shave Cream Ever!!!

This is an excellent product!!
Gordon B.
Shave aftershave gel

It smells awesome and really feels good on my skin. I use it on my face and my shaved head😉
Jerry W.
My manliness quotient had increased markedly!

Badass razor. That is all.
Joel P.
Benefits of using a Daily Skin Care Set from Shave Essentials

The Benefits of a Daily Skin Care Set

Your everyday routine should include taking care of your skin. The best products to wash, tone, and hydrate your skin are crucial whether you have dry, oily, or mixed skin. For this reason, a daily skin care kit with a cleanser, a herbal spray toner, and a facial lotion is necessary for having healthy, radiant skin.
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The Alum Block

The Alum Block

For many men, shaving is a daily habit that can sometimes cause irritation and discomfort. Utilizing an alum potassium block, often referred to as an alum block, is one way to solve these issues. Natural astringent alum can aid in soothing and calming the skin after shaving. In this blog we will discuss the advantages of using an alum block and how it can improve your shaving experience.
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An image of a safety razor blade.

How To Change The Blade Of Your Shave Essentials Safety Razor

Hello, and welcome back to the Shave Essentials blog! We’re back with another blog full of helpful information regarding your state-of-the-art shaving equipment. As we’ve covered in the past, Shave Essentials offers some amazing razors that bring shaving back to basics — our double edge safety razor to be exact. And while our razors are the best available, we understand that they can be intimidating to those who are new to shaving with a safety razor.


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