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Shave better with Shave Essentials
Shave better with Shave Essentials


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Shave Essentials

More Than Shaving

Shave Essentials now delivers great beard care, natural shower products and even bamboo tooth brushes. We have grown our catalog to facilitate even more of your needs using the same standard for high quality that we put into our shave system.

Over time we'll continue to expand things here and we hope you grow with us.

Woman with smooth legs | Shave Essentials

How To Shave Your Legs

Welcome to the Shave Essentials Blog for another quick, easy, and informative guide on even the most seemingly simple tasks in life - shaving!

In this article, we'll discuss How To Shave Your Legs. Whether it's the first time you are shaving your legs as a young woman, or you want to brush up on your knowledge on how to achieve the best possible shave, we've got you covered with the latest trends and tips.

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An image of a man shaving.

Shaving Survival Guide: Dealing With Razor Burn

Hey! Thanks for stopping by the Shave Essentials blog. This is where we work to demystify shaving, and provide our readers with valuable information that will make them better at shaving! Whether you’re looking for a closer shave, a more comfortable shave, or simply need to know how to shave, we’ve got you! 

Today, we’ll be contributing to this conversation by talking about what’s probably the most despised aspect of shaving — razor burn. Now, there are ways to avoid razor burn entirely, and while we will cover that before this blog is over, we’ll be focusing on what you can do if you’re currently suffering from razor burn.

Keep reading to learn more! 

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An image of shaving equipment.

The Safety Razor — Understanding Our Favorite Shaving Essential

Welcome back to the Shave Essentials blog! We’re extremely excited to have you back, and we’re outrageously excited to share some information about our favorite piece of shaving equipment — the safety razor. 

While we offer other types of razors, our safety razors are our pride and joy. We think that they provide the cleanest, most reliable shave time after time, and always leave your skin feeling comfortable, unirritated, and smooth. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about safety razors! 

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Awesome Shave

I bought this for my husband who has thick and course facial hair. He absolutely loves the shave this razor gives him. He highly recommends this product as it delivers exactly as advertised.
Rosa L.
Smooth and silky

I love these razor blades! Leaves my skin smooth and silky! Thank you again!
Danielle L.
Best Shave Cream Ever!!!

This is an excellent product!!
Gordon B.
Shave aftershave gel

It smells awesome and really feels good on my skin. I use it on my face and my shaved head😉
Jerry W.
My manliness quotient had increased markedly!

Badass razor. That is all.
Joel P.