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Shaving Survival Guide: Dealing With Razor Burn

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Shaving Survival Guide: Dealing With Razor Burn - Shave Essentials

Hey! Thanks for stopping by the Shave Essentials blog. This is where we work to demystify shaving, and provide our readers with valuable information that will make them better at shaving! Whether you’re looking for a closer shave, a more comfortable shave, or simply need to know how to shave, we’ve got you! 

Today, we’ll be contributing to this conversation by talking about what’s probably the most despised aspect of shaving — razor burn. Now, there are ways to avoid razor burn entirely, and while we will cover that before this blog is over, we’ll be focusing on what you can do if you’re currently suffering from razor burn.

Keep reading to learn more! 

Cooling Calendula And Other Herbal/Natural Remedies

Calendula cream is a natural cream that is made from the calendula flower. This incredible herbal cream is regarded for its ability to soothe topical irritations like inflammation and rashes, but it can also assist in healing minor wounds. 

Due to these properties, it’s an intuitive remedy for razor burn. After all, razor burn is skin irritation, so naturally, calendula can play a role in alleviating the inflammation and knicks commonly associated with razor burn. 

To use a calendula cream for razor burn, simply rub a thin layer over the area of skin afflicted with razor burn one to two times a day! 

However, while we’re here it’s only right that we cover some other reliable herbal remedies. Aloe vera, almond oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil are all exception methods for relieving razor burn. For all of these methods (aside from tea tree oil), spread a light layer over the affected area of skin. With tea tree oil, be sure to dilute it before use. Add one drop of tea tree oil to each teaspoon of water to make a tea tree oil solution!

Make A Paste (From Baking Soda)

Baking soda is an amazing thing, it can be used for so much! And one thing it can be used for is alleviating razor burn. The interesting thing is this — baking soda is widely accepted to help deal with inflammation, however science has yet to pinpoint exactly what it is that baking soda does to help with irritation. 

In terms of how to use baking soda to help alleviate razor burn, mix it with water to make a paste. Once you’ve achieved the right consistency, spread your baking soda paste over the skin that’s suffering from razor burn. Once the paste has dried remove it and experience instant relief!

Use A Cold Compress

Another great way to alleviate the symptoms is to use a cold compress. You can buy cold compresses, or you can make one with some common household items. A cold compress helps to reduce inflammation and irritation from razor burn similar to how an ice pack helps reduce inflammation from a twisted ankle! 

To create your own cold compress, either fill a plastic baggie with ice cubes, or you can wet a small towel or cloth that you put in a freezer bag and then freeze. Once you have your baggie of ice or cold towel, remove it from the freezer, wrap in a damp, cool towel, and apply it to the area with razor burn. Apply for 20 minutes, then remove and repeat after an hour!

Hydrocortisone Cream

Hydrocortisone creams utilize a steroid called hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and irritation. There are a variety of hydrocortisone creams out there, both over-the-counter and prescription. If you invest in an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream, be sure to follow the instructions for the product as dictated by the manufacturer. If you’ve been prescribed a hydrocortisone cream, simply follow your doctor’s instructions! 

Please note, however, if a hydrocortisone cream increases the irritation you’re experiencing, cease using the product and consult with a doctor. 

Preventing Razor Burn

Now that we’ve covered how you can alleviate the irritation if you’re experiencing razor burn, let’s cover how you can avoid experiencing razor burn in the first place! 

Really, it comes down to using the proper technique and tools. In terms of technique, use short, straight razor strokes that go with the grain of your hair. Using longer, faster pulls that go against the grain of your hair will tug and irritate the skin and hair where you’re shaving, causing razor burn. Also, be sure to pull your skin taut before using the razor on it. This makes a flat surface and avoids unnecessary knicks or irritation.

In terms of tools, you’ll need the right skin care tools and razor. Make sure you have a shave oil and shaving cream to prep your skin and hair before shaving, and have aftershave and moisturizer to care for your skin post-shave. For your razor, be sure that your blade is sharp. We personally recommend using a single blade safety razor, as the single blade makes for less irritation.

Shave Essentials

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