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Shave Bowl



Take it back to traditions with our Shave Bowl, perfect for those who prefer the classic way of wet shaving with a Shave Brush. With its ribbed base to help agitate the soap and handle that serves to hold the bowl in your hand, you can effortlessly lather up the shave soap for a perfect shave.

Clever proportions and features inspired by the age-old classic, this Shave Bowl offers quick preparation and a rich, luxurious lather like no other for an artisan beard shave at home.

● Inspired by traditional shaving methods

● Base ridges to easily agitate the soap

● Handle also serves as place to rest your shave brush


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shave Bowl

One great shaving bowl.. Love the huge amount of shaving cream for as many pass shave you need. really find the brush holder very handy between passes!!!!

Thank you for the great review!

Shave bowl

Just finished shaving with this bowl just a few minutes ago. Love this thing! I am new to wet shaving and a quality unbreakable shave bowl is an essential to your shave routine. This thing whips up a nice rich lather quickly with its grooves. Totally recommend for the new shavers starting this beautiful hobby. Love it!

We are glad to have you as a customer, Danny. Thanks for the great review of the bowl.

Great bowl

I shave in the shower so I was looking for a bowl that would not break if dropped. Found it! The grooves and ridges inside help to make voluminous lather across several different soaps and cremes that I use. The brush holder is an added bonus. I fill with hot water and let my brush soak while I wet my face and apply pre shave crème. Dump the water squirt in a little creme and whip up a nice hot lather. The handle allows you to hang on a hook and out of the way when not in use. It’s perfect for my ritual. Be well and shave on!

Wow. Such a great and thorough review! We appreciate it and are glad you liked the shave bowl. Hope to see you back in the store soon.