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How To Use Your New Razor From Shave Essentials

Your New Safety Razor And You

So you have this awesome new safety razor from Shave Essentials, but maybe you have never shaved before. A safety razor can look intimidating at first, but fret not. Here, we will give you the rundown on how to shave that mane of yours with ease.

What you will need for your shaving adventure:

Getting The Closest Shave Means Looking To The Past

The safety razor is our bread and butter. Shaving technology has come pretty far in the past 30 years with three and five-bladed razors, but nothing will ever beat the original when it comes to having the closest shave possible. Here are the tips and tricks to using your brand new razor.


Prep Your Skin

This may seem like a no-brainer to many, but you would be surprised by how many people don’t do it properly. You want to start with a nice face wash to get those pores clean and properly hydrated. Then, you will want a face towel that you douse with warm water before applying it to all of the areas you will be shaving. This will make sure to open up those pores. The reason you want your pores to be open when you shave is so the hairs can be easily cut rather than tugged on.

Apply Shave Cream

This is a step that is absolutely crucial. Your skin needs to be a smooth surface for the closest shave possible. Shaving cream makes your skin a smooth surface so that your razor glides right over your skin. Take note of the way your hair grows before you apply the cream so that you know which way to shave with the grain.

Pull The Skin Taut

You want to keep the skin as tight as possible. This helps you maintain a very little amount of pressure on the razor blade, which allows you to get close without cutting your skin.

Keep Your Blade At An Angle

As you shave you will want to keep your blade at 30-45 degree angle while applying no pressure against your skin.

Shave With The Grain

Remember in step number two when we said to take note of your hair’s grain? Well, you want to shave with the grain which prevents ingrown hairs. Sometimes, your hair grows in different patterns around your face. If you ever feel hairs being pulled on rather than simply being cut as you’re shaving, then you are going against the grain and need to switch the way that you are shaving.

Use Short And Straight Strokes

Make sure to cut in short strokes because it minimizes irritating your skin while you are cutting. It will also help you not miss any spots around your face.

Rinse With Cold Water And Apply Aftershave

Cold water closes those pores that you opened up prior to the shave and the aftershave helps prevent irritation that you may have gotten from the shave itself.

Now you should have all the information you need to start using your new razor with ease. Remember, you can get all of the items that you need delivered right to your door on a monthly basis by subscribing to our Shave Plan here. If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to contact us now!