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How To Change The Blade Of Your Shave Essentials Safety Razor

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How To Change The Blade Of Your Shave Essentials Safety Razor - Shave Essentials

Hello, and welcome back to the Shave Essentials blog! We’re back with another blog full of helpful information regarding your state-of-the-art shaving equipment. As we’ve covered in the past, Shave Essentials offers some amazing razors that bring shaving back to basics — our double sided safety razor to be exact. And while our razors are the best available, we understand that they can be intimidating to those who are new to shaving with a safety razor.

That’s why today we’re going to cover some helpful information that will help you make better use of your double edge safety razor from Shave Essentials. Specifically, we’re going to look into how you can change your razor blade when the time comes.

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When Should I Change My Razor Blade? 

The first step in understanding how to change your razor blades is understanding when you need to replace your safety razor’s blades. Interestingly enough, when you should change your razor blades depends on how often you’re shaving and how coarse your hair is. 

Over time, razor blades dull, which results in a sub-par shave. Not only will the razor struggle to shave the hair, but it will also be more prone to causing irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

Soft And Mildly-Coarse Haired People

If the hair you’re shaving is soft or mildly coarse (not soft, but not coarse either), you’re going to have to replace your blades less often. This is because soft hair wears the blades slower than coarse hair! 

If you’re a daily shaver (shaving five times or more a week), you’ll need to change your safety razor’s blades about two times a week. And if you’re shaving less than five times a week, you’ll be fine changing your razor once a week. 

Coarse-Haired People

If you have coarse, thick hair, you’re going to have to replace your razor blades more often. Again, the tougher hair is going to require more of your razor blades, thus wearing them out faster.

If you have coarse hair and shave your hair more than three times a week, you’re going to need to change your razor blades about twice a week. If you’re shaving less than three times a week, you’ll be fine changing your blade once a week.

How To Change Your Safety Razor Blade

Now that we understand how often you should be changing your razor blades, let’s cover the process! All you’ll need is your razor, replacement blades, and a razor recycling container (if you have one).

Consider the anatomy of your razor: you have the top of the razor where the blade is housed, and the handle attached to it.

To change your blade, first unscrew the razor’s head from its handle. Once this is done, you’ll gain access to the blade’s housing. Our safety razors essentially secure the razor blade by sandwiching it between two components that make up the razor’s head.

When you’ve gained access to the razor’s head, carefully lift the bottom of the enclosure to reveal the blade. The blade should be resting on the other component of the razor’s head, which also features pegs that fit cut-outs in the razor blade.

Carefully remove the old blade from your razor and dispose of it safely. Then, take a new razor blade, and position it on the pegs of the razor’s head. Finally, reassemble the razor head and screw it back onto the handle. Boom, you’ve changed your razor! 

Now you can enjoy a crisp, clean shave every time!

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See, changing your razor blade is simple and easy! You just need to take your time to ensure your safety, and be ready to safely dispose of your old razors. If you’re interested in trying a safety razor, or you need to restock your replacement blades, head over to our store to purchase the shaving essentials you need. Also, consider signing up for our Shave Plan that sends you the shaving supplies you need, when you need them.

Finally, if you have any questions about this blog, our shaving supplies, or our company in general, please contact us today!

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