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Shave Essentials Grooming Kit



Upgrade your grooming game with the Shave Essentials Grooming Kit - the perfect set for anyone looking to elevate their shaving routine or in need of a comprehensive grooming upgrade. This kit includes all the essentials for a luxurious and effective shaving experience, including a choice of razor (Black Label Cartridge Razor, Safety Razor, Standard Cartridge Razor, or Adjustable Safety Razor), shave cream, aftershave gel, activated charcoal face wash, natural mineral deodorant, alum block, shave towel, nail clipper set and a travel-friendly toiletry bag.

Crafted from high quality ingredients, these products are suitable for most skin types and free from harsh chemicals, providing a gentle yet effective shaving experience. The included toiletry bag allows for easy on-the-go shaving and makes it a perfect gift for any occasion.

Upgrade your grooming routine with the Shave Essentials Grooming Kit - the ultimate set for the perfect shave.

    Customer Reviews

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    Too Good To Be True...

    But it’s true! This shave kit is beyond amazing. I have gotten the best shaves and this has cleared up my red neck and made it smooth and irritation free. They sent me a black adjustable safety razor and it has given me the smoothest and most comfortable shaves I’ve ever had. I can not recommend this brand enough and I am a life customer now! Pleeeease try this product, you will not regret it. Their customer service is great also. I used the chat to ask some questions and Ray helped me out. He was great and I’ve never had such awesome customer service. Thank you Shave Essentials LLC! you guys are awesome and I will continue spreading the word about how awesome you guys are!

    We don’t even know what to say to this amazing review. Thank you doesn’t feel like its enough but we are so glad that you ended up loving your new shave gear. We really believe in what we got and it feels good to see the positive reactions. Enjoy and we look forward to seeing you in the store again, Zachary!

    Absolutely amazing!

    My friends husband was so happy with his shave kit! He said “ this is such a lavish gift, I can’t thank you enough”! He can’t wait to use it and he told his wife he is not sharing, she needs to get her own kit!

    Thank you so much for the great review!