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Inspired by natural self-hygiene, the Back Scrubber Belt guarantees the most relaxing and gentle exfoliation of your skin without nasty irritation, so it's perfect for all skin types. The natural linen fibers help eradicate dead skin cells to reveal the smooth,youthful skin beneath.

Don't strain yourself when trying to reach your back - the belt design of this Eco-friendly scrubber features handles at each side so you can reach every part of your body with ease!

High-quality natural linen fibers

● Gentle exfoliation for all skin types

● Eco-friendly (no plastic or silicone)

● Washable so you get more uses


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Irma Pena
Hard to Reach!

This is my favorite item in my shower bcuz it helps me clean the center of my back that is hard to reach! Definitely a must have! It’s soft but yet exfoliating & the same time!

Douglas W.
Great product

Great product

Bill W.
Still new, but...

This is easy to use, scrubs but doesn't scrape, and rinses clean and dries quickly. Long term durability of handles is as yet unproven, so it only gets four stars today.
I would recommend this product.

Thanks for the great review.

Michael B.
It will take time for

It will take time for a honest evaluation.


Love the back scrubber

Thank you so much for the review and we appreciate you shopping with us.