3-Blade Cartridge Razors - (4 Pack)


Stay supplied with our 3-Blade Cartridge Razors - (4 Pack). This product comes with 4 replacement cartridges, ensuring you're ready to experience a great shave for the foreseeable future. Easily replaced, these cartridges prevent those dreaded days where you need to shave, but your razor is dull and unusable. What's more, it keeps your shaving experience consistent and pleasant by maintaining a steady supply of new, sharp blades. These razor cartridges feature:

-3-Blade Razor System - provides a close, even shave, the first time.

-Moisturizing Strip - prevents skin irritation and knicks by moisturizing skin as you shave.

-High-Quality Razor Blades - made from stainless steel, these blades stay sharper, longer.

Our cartridge razors also gets amazing reviews from ladies. Whether it's under the arms or shaving the bikini line, Shave Essentials has you covered.

These razors only fit our Cartridge Razor Handle.

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