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Welcome To The Shave Essentials Blog

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Welcome To The Shave Essentials Blog - Shave Essentials

Hello, and welcome to the Shave Essentials blog! In this first blog post, we’re going to give our readers the run-down on what our company has to offer, why we’re the best at providing what we offer, and some helpful tips you’ll be happy to know when you go to buy one of our elite razors. 

Shave Essentials - Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to what we do, our name says it all. Shave Essentials — we provide all the essential items you need for a perfect shave, day in and day out. In a world that’s oversaturated with sub-par, unreliable razors, we simply created a line of shaving products that work as they’re supposed to for any person who needs a clean shave every day. 

The idea stemmed from our owner’s time in the Marines. In the Marines, faces — if not entire heads — are shaved on a daily basis. All too often, daily shavers deal with razors that dull easily, tug on hair, and leave skin irritated. So, upon returning home we worked to create an elite razor that holds up to the wear and tear of daily shaving, is easy to maintain, and that is paired with a line of incredible shaving products.

It took some time, and we didn’t reinvent the wheel, but we came up with a line of shaving products that include all of the essentials required for a perfect shave, every time. We turned to the classic double-edge safety razor to be the star of the show because our testing proved that it supplied us with the most consistent, comfortable, and clean shave out of each razor. That being said, we also designed equally reliable three and five-blade cartridge razors, because we know everyone has a preference.

In addition to our elite razors, we also created a line of luxurious shaving products that include all-natural shaving cream, all-natural face wash, and all-natural aftershave gel

All of these products work together to provide crisp, clean results, and that’s something we wanted to share with the world. So, once we had our super-star line up of amazing shaving products, we made our online store. But we didn’t stop there, we’ve also created some state-of-the-art shaving accessories to make sure that we had everything a daily shaver would need. From shaving towels to boar bristle brushes to Shave Essentials toiletry bags, we have all the equipment you need in one place. 

Our Luxury Shaving Subscription

Once we created our online store, we realized that we had more to offer, but this time where convenience is concerned. While a little bit of our Shave Essentials go a long way, we realized that over time, everyone is going to need a re-supply of their razor blades, shaving products, and even shaving accessories. 

That’s where we came up with the idea of our shave plan. Think of it as a luxury shaving subscription, but entirely on your terms. No items we make you purchase monthly, you get the freedom to choose. Not just what items you receive, but when. Need a re-supply each month? Not a problem. Just need to shave that beard during the summer? We’ve got you covered. Maybe you want to cancel your plan during the winter when you’re taking a break from shaving your legs? You got it! After all, it is your shave plan, and you get to decide on the details. 

When you’re ready to experience the best shave of your life, try out our luxury shaving subscription.

Helpful Tips For When You’re Checking Out

For new customers, we have some fun and helpful information that you’re sure to appreciate. 

Adding Or Removing Items

We’ve all been there, you go to shave and you realize you’re out of a vital component — be it razor blades, shaving cream etc. If that’s the case, simply contact us to edit your shave plan order. We can add an extra pack of blades, back up shaving cream, and anything else you may need on a moment’s notice. And this street goes both ways. Maybe it’s no-shave November and you haven’t been using your usual amount of razor blades. If that’s the case, just contact us to edit your order. We’re here to help you!

New Customer Discount

If you’re new to Shave Essentials, we’re so appreciative that you’re thinking of trying our amazing shaving products (Don’t worry, we appreciate our repeat customers too — we couldn’t do it without you!). Be sure to interact with the pop up screen when you first get on the website! We’ll provide you with a 10% off coupon for your first purchase.

A Grateful Company

At the end of the day, we’re so ecstatic to have this amazing company where we can provide a much-needed service to the men and women looking for reliable, affordable shaving equipment. We’ve spent years working to perfect the products we sell today, and we can’t wait for you to try them!

If you haven’t already, be sure to browse our selection of elite razors, all-natural shaving products, and luxury shaving accessories. And if you have any questions about our business, products, or your order, contact us today.

Thank you for stopping by!

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