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How To Shave Your Private Areas

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How To Shave Your Private Areas - Shave Essentials

How To Shave Your Private Areas

Hey, shavers! We're happy to provide yet another helpful guide to make shaving a breeze. This one's for all the young women or beginner shavers out there wanting to shave their private areas for the first time.

Shaving your private regions can be a scary first-time experience. These are sensitive areas, after all! With these helpful tips, you can shave safely and confidently while reducing time and frustration.

Exfoliate Before You Eradicate

An essential step, especially when it concerns your private areas, is to exfoliate your skin gently before shaving. We recommend a natural loofah or konjac sponge with some organic soap to get the job done right (and without irritation). Remember to be gentle during exfoliation, so you don't do more harm than good! Scrub down your private area (where the hair grows) by softly pressing your loofah against the skin. This will remove lingering dead skin and avoid future ingrown hairs, therefore ensuring a smooth and clean shave.


Trim The Hairs

If you have particularly long pubic hairs, it makes your shaving experience a whole lot easier and faster if you trim down the hairs before shaving. Our Inspirit razors are pretty amazing, but trimming prior makes these tools work even more flawlessly.

Time To Shave

Start by wetting your pubic hair for an easier shave. You can also use a soap or shaving gel/cream to assist with smooth strokes of the razor.

Hold your skin tightly to create a flat surface and shave carefully in the hair growth's direction. After each swipe of your razor, give it a rinse under some water to remove the loose hairs.

If you're really nervous, you can also try using a stationary mirror (hands-free) to help you practice with two hands. This is quite a big learning curve, especially with the awkward angle, so a mirror could be useful (and can ensure you don't miss any hairs)!

After shaving, you can rinse, dry, and use a fragrance-free moisturizer to leave your skin feeling silky soft while preventing chafing and irritation.


Don't Let It Itch!

Having an itchy private area is a horrible and common experience, but you can easily prevent this with proper shaving methods and routines.

Here are some tips to avoid an irritated private area from shaving:

● Try soaking the private area in warm water, which will help soften the hair follicles

● Use a clean and new razor, & remember to clean the area.

● Shave in the direction of where the hair is growing

● Consider using some additional help to shave, such as shaving cream or gel

● After shaving, try applying a gentle cooling agent such as pure aloe vera or hypoallergenic lotions/oils

● If your skin is sensitive to products with fragrance, opt only for all-natural and unscented choices

Having a clean-shaven private area can be a major confidence boost, leaving you with a sense of empowerment.

However, there are many other reasons why shaving these areas is beneficial, such as reducing odor and bacteria if done correctly. We hope this guide has given plenty of clarification on how to shave this very precious region with ease!


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