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Straight Razor



Introducing the Straight Razor by Shave Essentials, available in Straight Shank and Curved Shank options. Experience the art of traditional shaving with a high-quality  blade. The natural wood handle offers a comfortable grip, while the vegan leather pouch provides convenient storage. Elevate your shaving routine with this timeless and stylish razor.

*It is normal to have small imperfections with these razors. They are made by hand and no two are alike. 

Sold with factory edge which means that the razor will require sharpening and honing. Try in combination with our Sharpening Stone Set and Razor Strop

Customer Reviews

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Factory edge was not sharp enough to shave, when sharpened enough to shave it did not hold the edge. Do not buy

Hello Justin. This is Ray from customer service. Sorry you didn't like the razor. I just wanted to let you know that we do include in the description that they arrive with a factory edge which means they need sharpening. Some people may not understand what that means so we will add a bit more information.

May I ask how you are sharpening it? I ask because even though these are inexpensive razors other customers have been pretty happy with them after honing and stropping.

Best regards,
Ray G.
Customer Service