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Solid Cologne



This is a solid cologne that can be applied directly to the skin. A small amount gives off a stunning aroma, and with a pocket-friendly container design, you can easily carry it with you. We have released two scents to compliment your day or night endeavors and they are aptly named, Day by S.E. and Night by S.E.

Day by S.E.

Entrancing, fresh, and youthful, the "Day by S.E" solid cologne is perfect for both adults and teens alike, seeking a vibrant, handsome scent. The power and energy are immediately evident upon inhaling this extraordinary fragrance, featuring hints of fresh grapefruit and a woody base that exudes raw masculinity. It's an ideal choice for day outings - whether that be for something extravagant like a formal occasion, leisure activity such as golf, or even a mere brunch catch-up.

Night by S.E.

Fresh, warm, elegant, and subtle, all at once, the "Night by S.E" solid cologne is a must for those who love a subtle yet delightful scent for their night outings. It's ideal for adults with its alluring fragrance from the woody tones and sensual freshness of its unique recipe. Whether you frequently or occasionally head out for the night in a closer setting, you'll be pleased to have this scent subtly accent your presence.

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