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Razor Case



Prolong the life of your razors and shave on-the-go effortlessly with our handy Razor Case. Designed to fit any of our Shave Essentials razor handles, this razor case features a waterproof design and a convenient slot where you can easily slide in your razor after use. This keeps it protected from exterior elements, scratches, impacts and allows for a more organized travel experience.

With the Shave Essentials Razor Case, you can keep your razors dry to prevent rusting and slip it into your toiletry bag to find it without hassle. You also won't find yourself injuring your hand when rummaging around for it in the toiletry bag or suitcase! It's lightweight, portable, and a must-have for frequent travelers.

  •  Waterproof design

  •  Stylish cover for razor handles

  •  Fits all of Shave Essentials handles

  •  Available in 3 colors (red, black, or white)