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We took the classic and perfected it. Our Double-Sided Safety Razor is comfortable to hold, easy to use, and provides the closest, cleanest shave there is. To get you started, we include a 10-pack of replacement razor blades. This way you can rest assured you'll get a perfect shave for the time to come. This razor features:

-High-quality steel blades and a luxurious razor handle.
-More affordable replacement blades, and a more durable product overall.
-Great control. The adjustable razor allows you to get the exact experience and result you're seeking.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Adam W.
Great razor!

I haven't had a greater shave, cut through my tough beard like it was nothing. Next time I need shaving equipment I know where to turn!

Thanks for the great review, Adam. We're glad the razor is working out for you.

Ronald H.
Was very happy with the

Was very happy with the shaver, got a nice clean shave

We are glad youre happy with the razor.


Works great!

Thank you so much for the review and we appreciate you shopping with us.

Michael D.

I like this razor you can adjust it to where you want. I like that in a razor. Thank you

We are glad that you are satisfied. Thank you for the great review.

Samuel R.
Very nice razor for a very reasonable price!

The razor shows very good craftsmanship. The weight and size are balanced and provide me a sense that I am handling a real razor. Finally, the shave is great! One pass does the job well done. Highly recommended.

Thank you so much for the great review. It means a lot to us that your experience was a solid one.