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Elevate your shaving routine with our Ceramic Lather Bowl, perfect for those who appreciate the timeless art of wet shaving with a Shave Brush. Crafted with ridged base to effectively agitate the soap and an ideal size for a comfortable grip, you can easily create a rich and luxurious lather for a flawless shave. 

Drawing inspiration from age-old techniques, this Ceramic Lather bowl features clever proportions and functional details for quick preparation and an artisanal shaving experience at home.

• Elevate your shaving routine with a traditional touch • Designed with ridges to effortlessly agitate soap • Optimal size for comfortable grip and perfect lather (top diameter 4.5 inches, height 2 inches)

Experience shaving like never before with our Ceramic Lather Bowl, and achieve a smooth, luxurious shave every time.