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Organic Soaps

Take Care Of Your Skin With Great-Smelling, Natural Bar Soap

Most body washes and bar soaps that you’ll find in stores contain chemicals that are harsh on the skin and frankly unnecessary! Humans known how to make effective, natural, and high-quality soaps for years using ingredients that care for your skin, smell incredible, and feel luxurious.

Because of this, Shave Essentials decided it would make sense to add a line of high-quality bar soaps to our inventory of shaving and skin care products. Keep reading to learn more about our soaps and the types that we offer.

We offer the following varieties of bar soap:

  • Organic Unscented
  • Organic Lavender
  • Organic Shea Honey Oatmeal
  • Organic Peppermint Leaf

Small Batch, Organic Soaps — Made For You

As with all of our products, our soaps are all-natural and organic. Not because we’re trying to jump on trends or want to charge a higher price, but because all-natural, organic ingredients both work better and are better for your health.

After all, with shaving and skin care products, you’re likely using them daily. This means it is absolutely imperative that the products you use are sustainable and will work to increase the overall health and quality of your skin, not the opposite.

That’s why when we make our soap, we create it in small batches, and use organic oils. And when it comes to the scents we use, we keep it all-natural with essential oils and extracts. Finally, our soaps are all vegan, fair trade, and glycerin based — again, we use time-tested and proven ingredients to make soaps that work, feel luxurious, and smell wonderful.

Now, let’s look into the individual soaps we offer.

Organic Unscented Bar Soap

Our organic unscented soap keeps it simple — extremely effective as hand soap or a bar of soap for the bath, this soap lathers smoothly, leaves your skin feeling incredible, and doesn’t carry a scent.

This is great for a few reasons. For one, if you have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry about essential oils used for scenting the soap causing irritation because they’re not there! Plus, by having no scent, it won’t interfere with your favorite perfume or deodorant.

We use organic coconut, palm, safflower, and sunflower oils mixed with rosemary extract to comprehensively care for your skin, cleaning, protecting, and moisturizing all at the same time.

If you’re interested in trying the best unscented bar soap you can find, shop here today!

Organic Lavender Scented Bar Soap

The scent of lavender is known to help reduce stress and calm those who smell it! We’re not reinventing the wheel here by making a lavender soap, but we are offering a unique and superior product!

We can guarantee that you’ll experience moments of bliss when you catch a whiff of the delightful scent of lavender this soap carries. Whether you’re using it in the shower or at the sink, you’ll appreciate the power of the essential oils.

We also use organic coconut, palm, safflower, and sunflower oils mixed with rosemary extract for this soap, and they all perform the same function. That said, the addition of lavender essential oil and extract also offer antiseptic and antibacterial properties in addition to their stress relieving properties, making this even more reliable!

If you’d like to lather with this lavender soap, shop here!

Organic Shea Honey Oatmeal Bar Soap

Another classic scented soap, our organic shea honey oatmeal soap is soft, light, and ultra-moisturizing. Since we don’t use artificial scents, our soap benefits from the benefits those raw ingredients provide.

The shea works to not only moisturise, tone, and heal your skin, but also as an anti-inflammatory! The honey is antibacterial and antiseptic, and opens your pores for more effective cleaning while providing antioxidants to your skin. And finally the oatmeal exfoliates, removes dirt and oil, helps heal skin, even removes dead skin. Oh yeah, and they all smell incredible — especially mixed together!

To create the ultimate soap, we use organic coconut, palm, safflower, and sunflower oils, and rosemary extract. If you’d like to purchase this soap, shop here.

Organic Peppermint Leaf Bar Soap

The final bar soap we’ve added to our skin care product line is our peppermint soap. The energizing and refreshing scent of this soap make it the perfect addition to your skin care routine.

In addition to the great scent it provides, the peppermint leaf is a skin care powerhouse. It’s anti-inflammatory, provides vitamins A and C, and works to remove dirt and oil from your skin. It’s even believed to help prevent cancer!

The peppermint leaf is infused into our organic coconut, palm, safflower, and sunflower oils, and rosemary extract soap blend with physical peppermint leaf as well as peppermint essential oil.

Shop here to get your hands on this soap!

Shave Essentials And Our Shave Plan

The quality of our skin care and shaving products is evident in the ingredients we use and the way that they perform. If you’re interested in shopping through our full collection of shaving products, visit our online store here. And if you never want to run out of Shave Essentials products, check out our Shave Plan. It’s a monthly shaving subscription completely designed by you!

If you have any questions about our products or company, please feel free to contact us today.