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Cartridge Razor Handle (fits 5-Blade and 3-Blade)


Looking for the closest and best shave with a cartridge razor? Look no further than Shave Essentials' Cartridge Razor Handle. This package includes a 5-Blade cartridge  to get you started, and an expertly-crafted razor handle that will last you for years to come.

The Cartridge Razor Handle provides a close shave without tugging your hair, causing irritation, or razor burn. The five blades gradually provide a closer cut, ensuring a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. Say goodbye to nicks and razor burn when you use this amazing razor along with our other shaving products.

Our cartridge razors are loved by women too! That's why we added a pink version, perfect for shaving underarms or the bikini line. Get amazing reviews from our customers and experience the best shave of your life with Shave Essentials!

This same handle also fits our 3-Blade Cartridge.

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